John Maclean: IRONMAN Made Me the Man I am Today

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How Far Can You Go? My 25-year quest to walk again

Walking on the beach while holding a loved one’s hand is a simple wish realized by many and taken for granted by most, but after John Maclean was struck by an eight-ton truck while training for a triathlon at the age of twenty-two, this wish became an impossibility.

After 25 years in a wheelchair, John had become one of the most accomplished wheelchair athletes in the world: he was the first wheelchair athlete to complete the Ironman World Championship, the first non-American inducted into the event’s Hall of Fame, and the first paraplegic to swim the English Channel.

He even competed in the Olympic wheelchair demonstration race and in two Paralympic Games in two different disciplines, winning a silver medal for rowing. 

And yet, John longed for one more victory: to walk on the beach with his wife holding her hand. In 2013 John began to access his full potential by retraining his mind and body, and, through intense focus and determination, stand, walk, and fulfil his dream.

How Far Can You Go? is his amazing story. It delves into not only the physical aspects of John’s journey, but also the mental fortitude to push through the impossible.

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