John's extraordinary achievements and life philosophies have led John to being a highly sought after motivational speaker.

His story and message is about looking inside yourself, digging deep and never giving up, especially on yourself.

In business and in life, we all face obstacles and crossroads. While John's own story is an extreme account of setbacks and facing up to them, John's message is not about those obstacles, or how they got there, but about finding the inner strength to manage, even flourish, through what can seem insurmountable.

Corporations across the globe find John's wisdom and inspiration invaluable in achieving focus and delivering potential.

John's presentation is as inspiring as it is sobering and leaves an impact on many levels. John has managed to turn adversity in the extreme into greatness under the most dire circumstances, John's story can make significant impact to your workforce or personal life.

Presentation Topics

John is able to tailor his presentation to fit in with the themes and goals of your event. Rather than simply turn up on the day, John will work with you prior to your event to ensure the maximum impact on the day and leave a lasting impact on your attendees. 

John's presentation includes incredible footage from his remarkable career achievements, from which he has the ability to present on a number of themes including:


Choice, change and adaptability

Self Belief

See it, believe it, achieve it


Never give up


Building a team




Self, family, business, community


Connecting for a common goal


The pain won't last forever, but the memories will


Giving back


Remember where you're are from



  • YPO

  • EMC

  • American Express

  • Dimension Data

  • BMC Software

  • Gatorade

  • Pepsico

  • Riverbed

  • Q2

  • Johnson and Johnson

  • Commonwealth Bank

  • Aviva Investors

  • Pfizer

  • Nike 

  • Hyundai

  • Westpac

  • Insurance Australia Group

  • BP Castrol

  • SAS

  • Lion Corporation

  • Boost Juice

  • National Australia Bank

  • Intel Security

  • Hungry Jacks

  • Ray White

  • Swisse 

  • Lend Lease



"For the last 10 years we've hosted some of the world's most compelling TED speakers at our annual customer solution summit but we can say without reservation that John Maclean is by far the single most impactful presenter we have ever hosted. John's story is obviously amazing and inspiring but it is the sincere and deliberate way that he engages with your audience after that fact that makes the difference. He created long term connections with our people and our customers that are still being talked about, daily."

Paul Giobbi President of Zumasys Inc


"John is a category of his own in the corporate speaking circuit. He’s not selling anything or anybody. He’s telling a story that is relevant to anyone and it happens to be his life story. And that story is truly transformative and inspiring. It’s a story of an amazing attitude, perseverance and humbleness.  

I have never seen a speaker in a setting like this that had such a significant effect on the audience.

Countless people commented how he had personally impacted them and made them rethink their view on their own life and actions. As an organizer, it was a pleasure working with him. John is great in shaping his story to fit your event and gives you options to choose from to tailor it to your needs, without compromising the integrity of his story. If you’re looking for a presenter that helps putting things in perspective and give new meaning to words like transformation, disruption and commitment, then John is definitely your man."

Karl Meulema, SVP Global Channels at Riverbed Technology


"I engaged John Maclean to speak at the Q2 Town Hall event in November 2015. John’s presentation had such impact, we invited him to return to present at the Q2 annual client conference in May 2016.

John Maclean is living proof we each manage a small fraction of our potential, but we are capable of so much more.

I would highly recommend John Maclean to any organisation seeking a speaker who can deliver a compelling story of extraordinary transformation and perseverance, connect with an audience emotionally, and leave them considering their own untapped potential."

Hank Seale, Founder and Chairman at Q2 Banking


'John is the most inspirational speaker that I have seen. That is saying a lot considering the 100s of professional speakers I have been exposed to. His story is amazing, delivery flawless and his resonating connection with every one of our team members will remain forever. We as a leadership team have never had so much positive feedback about an outside speaker. Inviting John to speak to your team will be one of the most significant things you do for your team.'

Radek Sali, Chief Executive Officer at Swisse Wellness Pty Ltd


"This is the 2nd time I’ve seen and heard John’s story. Amazing to see the progress he’s made and his attitude to life is infectious. It’s quite incredible that he had stayed so positive despite the extreme cards he’s been dealt. Clearly that positive, “can do” attitude counts for a lot and it’s a lesson to us all on how to keep going in the face of an incredibly challenging situation. On both occasions I’ve seen him speak, he’s had the whole room in the palm of his hand and left everyone feeling very uplifted. He was also a pleasure to deal with on the lead up to the event, nothing was a problem for him.

If you’re looking for a strong motivational speaker who tells a personal story that we can all relate to, John is your man. I look forward to seeing how the next part of his journey unfolds."

Keith Buckley, Managing Director (Australia and New Zealand) at McAfee, part of Intel Security


"I cannot recommend John highly enough for any conference or motivational appearance. He would be the best speaker I have ever heard (and I have heard dozens).  Not only is his international standard story inspirational it also has practical messages that can translate into any business. He makes you proud to be an Australian. You would be mad to look past John for any conference or event."

Janine Allis, Founder of Boost Juice Bars.


"We recently had John speak at our annual Heritage Bank Retail Conference for the second time, the first was some five years ago.
John received a standing ovation from our group of over 150 staff as he provided an update on his truly inspirational story. John's humble delivery of his story along with his clarity of message had all of our staff hanging on his every word. He received the highest score (9.5 out of 10) of all our guests and entertainers and had true impact on our staff on many levels. The truly amazing thing is that many of our staff have already taken some action in their lives as a direct result of John's presentation. His presentation will be remembered for a long time to come!"

Paul Francis, General Manager of Retail Services at Heritage Bank


"John’s story of overcoming adversity and setting himself remarkable goals was well received by our audience. John captivated our audience and everyone was so inspired by his story. Afterwards, I had grown men tell me they had to fight back tears. John was an absolute pleasure to deal with and really went well beyond our expectations."

Katrina Camage, Executive Assistant to the CIO – Lion Corporation