Personal Change

You can count on one hand those who've had what it takes to both swim the Channel and complete the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon, one of the world's most demanding tests of endurance. John has completed the Hawaii Ironman three times, and was the first wheelchair athlete to swim the English Channel. He has represented his country at Olympic and Paralympic games, winner of a Silver medal rowing in Beijing in 2008. John has competed in over 20 of the worlds most challenging sporting events, in his 25 years as a wheelchair athlete. He has competed in over

seven different sporting disciplines including triathlon, long distance swimming, rowing, paddling, wheelchair racing, hand-cycling and basketball.

John's extraordinary spirit and stamina continues to inspire us as we celebrate him completing his first triathlon as a conventional athlete. After an accident 26 years ago left John an incomplete paraplegic facing life in a wheelchair, John Maclean left his wheels behind on the 26th of October 2014 and completed the Nepean Triathlon as a conventional athlete.