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New book: Full circle

John Maclean - Full circle: One life, may lessons

John Maclean's story is simply inspirational. His journey is filled with determination, perseverance, hard work and triumph. His courageous experiences have moved me deeply.'Li Cunxin, author of Mao's Last Dancer'.

John Maclean is an extraordinary athlete. Fewer people have swum the English Channel than have climbed Everest. John is one of them.

You can count on one hand those who've had what it takes to both swim the Channel and complete the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon, one of the world's most demanding tests of endurance. John has completed the Hawaii Ironman three times, and was the first wheelchair athlete to swim the English Channel. He represented his country at the 2000 Olympic Games. In 2006 he took part in the invitation-only extreme endurance event Ultraman World Championships, in Hawaii. Introduced to the sport of rowing, in September 2007 he and his rowing partner claimed a silver medal at the Rowing World Championships. and a GOLD in Italy at the International Regatta in April 2008. John went on to sensationally win a Silver medal at the 2008 Beijing games. He's done all this from a wheelchair: John is paraplegic.

John's extraordinary spirit and stamina continues to inspire us – John has taken his first steps towards chasing his dream to walk again after 25 years in a wheelchair…..

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